ISSM at AGU Fall Meeting 2015

ISSM townhall meeting

Monday December 14th 2015

TH15G: Ice Sheet System Model Town Hall Meeting
  • 6.15pm-7.15pm, Moscone West 2009: Eric Y Larour, Nicole Schlegel, Basile de Fleurian, Surendra Adhikari, Josh K Cuzzone, Daria J Halkides, Gilberto Perez, Mathieu Morlighem and Helene Seroussi

List of ISSM presentations and posters

Monday December 14th 2015
C11B: Crevasses, Fractures, and Faults in Glaciers, Ice Sheets, and Ice Shelves Posters
  • C11B-0759 Modeling of bottom crevasse and undercutting on Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica, Hongju Yu, Eric Rignot and Mathieu Morlighem
  • C11B-0754 Crevasse Extent and Lateral Shearing of the McMurdo Shear Zone, Antarctica, Using GPR and GPS Observations, and Numerical Modeling, Lynn Kaluzienski, Gordon Hamilton, Peter Koons, Steven Arcone, Laura Ray, James Lever, James Fastook and Benjamin Walker
C12A: Glacier-Ocean Interactions: Observations, Mechanisms, and Synthesis II
  • C12A-06 Modeling ice front Dynamics of Greenland outlet glaciers using ISSM, Mathieu Morlighem, Johannes H Bondzio, Helene L Seroussi and Eric J Rignot
T13D The Best Geophysical Apps and Mobile Websites Posters
  • T13D-3045 Cryosphere Science Outreach using the Ice Sheet System Model and a Virtual Ice Sheet Laboratory, Daniel Lop-Chi Cheng, Daria J Halkides and Eric Y Larour
C13D: Deep and Dark: Geophysical Exploration of the Cryosphere II
  • C13D-02 Basal Conditions in Marie Byrd Land in the Presence of a Deep Mantle Plume, Helene L Seroussi, Erik Roman Ivins, Doug Wiens, Andy Nyblade, Eric Y Larour and Johannes H Bondzio
C14A: Advances in Our Understanding of Processes at the Beds of Glaciers and Ice Sheets II
  • C14A-02 Characterizing Englacial and Subglacial Temperature Structure Using Airborne Radar Sounding, Dustin M Schroeder and Helene L Seroussi
Tuesday December 15th 2015
C21A: Glacier-Ocean Interactions: Observations, Mechanisms, and Synthesis IV Posters
  • C21A-0701 Towards better simulations of ice/ocean coupling in the Amundsen Sea Sector, West Antarctica, using a coupled ice-sheet ocean model, Yoshihiro Nakayama, Eric J Rignot, Dimitris Menemenlis, Eric Y Larour, Michael Schodlok and Helene Seroussi
Wednesday December 16th 2015
ED31E-0929: VISL: A Virtual Ice Sheet Laboratory For Outreach and K-12 Education
  • ED31E-0929 VISL: A Virtual Ice Sheet Laboratory For Outreach and K-12 Education, Daria J Halkides, Eric Y Larour, Daniel Lop-Chi Cheng, Justin Moore, Sean Dunn and Gilberto Perez
Thursday December 17th 2015
PP41D: It Takes Two: Using Paleodata and Climate Models to Understand Climate Dynamics I
  • PP41D-05 Paleo-reconstruction of the Jakobshavn Glacier during the late Holocene using ISSM and Paleo-data of Margin Migration, Josh K Cuzzone, Eric Y Larour, Nicole Schlegel and Jason P Briner
G43A: Impact of Ice Sheets, Glaciers, and Land Hydrology on Sea Level from Geodetic Observations and Global Observing Systems
  • G43A-1032 Rapid Ice-Sheet Changes and Mechanical Coupling to Solid-Earth/Sea-Level and Space Geodetic Observation, Surendra Adhikari, Erik R. Ivins and Eric Larour
Friday December 18th 2015
Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets I Posters
  • C51C-0740 Climatic Forcing for Contemporary Greenland Ice Sheet Change, Sophie Nowicki, Richard I Cullather and Bin Zhao
  • C51C-0739 Simulation of the Greenland Ice Sheet evolution using different initialization methods, Martin Rückamp and Angelika Humbert
ED51B: Amazing Technologies and Capabilities That Contribute to STEM I Posters
  • ED51B-0816 Leveraging Cloud Technology to Provide a Responsive, Reliable and Scalable Backend for the Virtual Ice Sheet Laboratory Using the Ice Sheet System Model and Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud, Gilberto Limon Perez, Eric Y Larour, Daria J Halkides and Daniel Lop-Chi Cheng
C51B: Hydrology of Glaciers, Ice Caps, and Ice Sheets in Past, Present, and Future Climates IV Posters
  • C51B-0689 Using ISSM to Simulate the LIA to Present Ice Margin Change at Upernavik Glacier, Greenland, Konstanze Haubner, Eric Y Larour, Jason Box, Nicole Schlegel, Signe Hillerup Larsen, Kristian K Kjeldsen and Kurt Henrik Kjaer
C51E: Observing and Understanding Changes in Polar Ice Sheets and Glaciers Using Airborne and Satellite Remote Sensing I
  • C51E-07 Investigation of Controls on Ice Dynamics in Northeast Greenland from Ice-Thickness Change Record Using Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM), Beata M Csatho, Eric Y Larour, Anton F Schenk, Nicole Schlegel and Kyle Duncan
C53E: Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets II
  • C53E-08 On Deriving Requirements for the Surface Mass Balance forcing of a Greenland Ice Sheet Model using Uncertainty Analyses, Nicole Schlegel, Eric Y Larour and Jason E Box
C54B: Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets III
  • C54B-07 Implications of marginal weakening for grounding line migration and marine ice sheet (in)stability, Christopher P Borstad, Helene L Seroussi, Mathieu Morlighem and Eric Y Larour