ISSM at AGU Fall Meeting 2016

List of ISSM presentations

Monday December 12th 2016

C12B Observing and Understanding Changes in Polar Ice Sheets and Glaciers Using Ground, Airborne, and Satellite Remote Sensing I
  • C12B-02: Bed Topography of Jakobshavn Isbræ and Helheim Glacier, Greenland from High-Resolution Gravity Data Combined with Other Observations, Lu An, Eric J Rignot, Mathieu Morlighem, John Drysdale Paden, David Holland and Denise Holland
C13C Observing and Understanding Changes in Polar Ice Sheets and Glaciers Using Ground, Airborne, and Satellite Remote Sensing II Posters
  • C13C-0832: Antarctic Ice Sheet Grounding line migration monitoring using COSMO-SkyMed very short repeat-time SAR Interferometry, Pietro Milillo, Eric J Rignot, Jeremie Mouginot, Bernd Scheuchl, Mathieu Morlighem, Xin Li and Jacqueline T. Salzer
  • C13C-0844: Understanding changes in ice dynamics of southeast Greenland glaciers from high resolution gravimetry data and satellite remote sensing observations, Romain Millan, Eric J Rignot, Jeremie Mouginot, Dimitris Menemenlis, Mathieu Morlighem and Michael Wood
  • C13C-0850: Crevasse Extent and Lateral Shearing of the McMurdo Shear Zone, Antarctica: Implications of Ice Shelf Stability, Lynn M Kaluzienski, Gordon S Hamilton, Peter Ortquist Koons, Ellyn M Enderlin, Steven A Arcone, Chris Borstad and Benjamin Walker
G11A New Frontiers, Challenges, and Opportunities for Vertical Motion Observations and Glacial Isostatic Adjustment Modeling I Posters
  • G11A-1051: Advances in Solid Earth and Basal Water Dynamics and their Relation to GIA in Antarctica, Erik Roman Ivins, Helene Seroussi, Doug Wiens, Eric Y Larour, Thomas S James and Surendra Adhikari
G12A Mass Transport and Mass Distribution in the Earth System I
  • G12A-05: Can GRACE Explain Some of the Main Interannual Polar Motion Signatures?, Surendra Adhikari, Erik Roman Ivins and Eric Y Larour
GC12B Quantitative Methods for Addressing Model Uncertainties in Climate and Hydrology Projections and Prioritizing Measurement Needs I
  • GC12B-04: Science Systems Engineering and Uncertainty Quantification for Sea Level Rise Projections and Implications for Prioritizing Measurements, Michael M Watkins, Carmen Boening, Eric Y Larour, Daniel Limonadi, Nicole Schlegel, Helene Seroussi and Michael Schodlok
PP12C How Fast? How Far? How Much? Paleoconstraints on the Extent and Rates of Retreat in Marine-Terminating Glaciers, Ice Sheets, and Sea Ice II
  • PP12C-08: Modeling the sensitivity of the Greenland Ice Sheet to Holocene climate variability using the Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM), Josh K Cuzzone, Eric Y Larour, Nicole Schlegel and Jason P Briner

Tuesday December 13th 2016

A23C Data Assimilation, Inverse Methods, Reanalysis, and Observing System Simulation Experiments II Posters
  • A23C-0230: An Approach to Computing Discrete Adjoints for MPI-Parallelized Models Applied to the Ice Sheet System Model, Gilberto Limon Perez, Eric Y Larour and Mathieu Morlighem
C21B Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets I Posters
  • C21B-0674: Modeling the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream in response to climate forcing, Youngmin Choi, Mathieu Morlighem and Jeremie Mouginot
  • C21B-0676: On the impact of fjord geometry on grounding line stability, Henning Åkesson, Faezeh M Nick, Mathieu Morlighem and Kerim Hestnes Nisancioglu
  • C21B-0679: initMIP-Antarctica: An ice sheet model initialization experiment of ISMIP6, Sophie Nowicki, Helene Seroussi, Antony John Payne, Eric Y Larour, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Heiko Goelzer, Jonathan M Gregory, William H Lipscomb and Andrew Shepherd
  • C21B-0686: Simulation of the Greenland Ice Sheet evolution using a hybrid initialization procedure, Martin Rückamp and Angelika Humbert
  • C21B-0691: Towards Decadal Hindcasts of Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers, West Antarctica, Emily Schwans, Byron R Parizek, Richard B Alley, David Pollard, Ryan T Walker, Mathieu Morlighem, Helene Seroussi and Eric Larour
C22C Solid Earth-Cryosphere Interactions I
  • C22C-01: The Long-Standing Antarctic Mantle Plume Hypothesis and Modeling Ongoing Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (Invited), Erik Roman Ivins, Helene Seroussi, Doug Wiens and Eric Y Larour
ED23E Amazing Technologies and Capabilities that Contribute to STEM II
  • ED23E-04: Cryosphere Science Outreach using the NASA/JPL Virtual Earth System Laboratory, Eric Y Larour, Daniel Lop-Chi Cheng, Justin Quinn, Daria J Halkides and Gilberto Limon Perez

Wednesday December 14th 2016

C31C Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets II
  • C31C-01: Results from ISOMIP+ and MISOMIP1, two interrelated marine ice sheet and ocean model intercomparison projects (Invited), Xylar Asay-Davis, Ben Galton-Fenzi, David Gwyther, Nicolas Jourdain, Daniel F Martin, Yoshihiro Nakayama and Helene Seroussi
  • C31C-05: Results of the Greenland Ice Sheet Model Initialisation Experiments ISMIP6 – initMIP-Greenland , Heiko Goelzer, Sophie Nowicki, Tamsin Edwards, Matthew Beckley, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Andy Aschwanden, Reinhard Calov, Olivier Gagliardini, Fabien Gillet-chaulet, Nicholas R Golledge, Jonathan M Gregory, Ralf Greve, Angelika Humbert, Philippe Huybrechts, Eric Y Larour, William H Lipscomb, Sébastien Le clech, Victoria Lee, Joseph H Kennedy, Frank Pattyn, Antony John Payne, Christian B Rodehacke, Martin Rückamp Fuyuki Saito, Nicole Schlegel, Helene Seroussi, Andrew Shepherd, Sainan Sun, Roderik Vandewal and Florian Andreas Ziemen
C32A Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets III
  • C32A-05: The impact of calving front retreat on Jakobshavn Isbræ, West Greenland , using a 3D thermodynamically coupled numerical model, Johannes Heinrich Bondzio, Helene Seroussi, Mathieu Morlighem, Thomas Kleiner, Martin Rückamp, Eric Y Larour and Angelika Humbert
C33A Advances in Understanding Processes at the Beds of Glaciers and Ice Sheets II Posters
  • C33A-0754: A new bed topography dataset for Greenland out to the continental shelf, Chris Williams, Jonathan L Bamber, Tom M. Jordan, Julian A. Dowdeswell, Martin J Siegert, Steven John Palmer, Stephen L. Cornford, Mathieu Morlighem
C34B Assessing the Stability of the Antarctic Ice Sheets and Their Contribution toward Global Sea Level II
  • C34B-04: Monitoring ice dynamics and mass balance of Denman Glacier, East Antarctica from 1957 to 2016, Xin Li, Eric J Rignot, Jeremie Mouginot, Mathieu Morlighem, Bernd Scheuchl and Pietro Milillo
C33C Solid Earth-Cryosphere Interactions II Posters
  • C33C-0830: A statistical approach to estimating the geothermal heat flux in Greenland using the global heat flow dataset, ice sheet modeling, and ice core data, Soroush Rezvanbehbahani, Leigh A Stearns, Cornelis Jakob van der Veen and Douglas J. Walker
OS31B Causes of Sea Level Variability and Change: Understanding the Past and Predicting the Future II Posters
  • OS31B-2014: Global, high-resolution sensitivity study of local sea-level rise to regional ice thickness change in Antarctica and Greenland , Eric Y Larour, Erik Roman Ivins and Surendra Adhikari

Thursday December 15th 2016

C41D Hydrology of Glaciers and Ice Sheets I Posters
  • C41D-0703: Spatial velocity response of Helheim Glacier to the presence of a firn aquifer, Lora Koenig, Derrick Julius Lampki2, Twila A Moon, Clément Miège and Richard R Forster
C41E Scratching the Surface: Discoveries and Challenges in Constraining Surface Processes over Ice Sheets, Glaciers, and Sea Ice I Posters
  • C41E-0728: On the Utilization of Ice Flow Models and Uncertainty Quantification to Interpret the Impact of Surface Radiation Budget Errors on Estimates of Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Balance and Regional Estimates of Mass Balance, Nicole Schlegel, Eric Y Larour, Alex S Gardner, Charlotte Lang, Charles E Miller and Michiel R van den Broeke
ED43C Sympathy for the Data: Novel Approaches to the Art of Data Visualization II Posters
  • ED43C-0877: Virtual Earth System Laboratory (VESL): Effective Visualization of Earth System Data and Process Simulations, Justin D Quinn, Eric Y Larour, Daniel Lop-Chi Cheng and Daria J Halkides

Friday December 16th 2016

C51A Glacier-Ocean Interactions, Mechanisms, and Synthesis I Posters
  • C51A-0637: Modeling ice front Dynamics of Northwest Greenland in response to ocean thermal forcing, using ISSM and OMG data, Mathieu Morlighem, Johannes Heinrich Bondzio, Helene Seroussi, Michael Wood and Eric J Rignot
  • C51A-0640: 3D full-Stokes modeling of the grounding line dynamics of Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica, Hongju Yu, Eric J Rignot, Mathieu Morlighem and Helene Seroussi
C52A Advances in Geophysical Exploration of Ice Sheets and Ice Shelves, and Strategies for Data-Model Fusion I
  • C52A-08: Distinct Subglacial Drainage Patterns Revealed in High-Resolution Mapping of Basal Radar Reflectivity across Greenland, Winnie Chu, Dustin M Schroeder, Helene Seroussi, Timothy T Creyts, Steven John Palmer and Robin Elizabeth Bell
C53A Advances in Geophysical Exploration of Ice Sheets and Ice Shelves, and Strategies for Data-Model Fusion II Posters
  • C53A-0697: Past and present flow organization of the Greenland Ice Sheet, Joseph A MacGregor, Mark A Fahnestock, Ginny A Catania, Andy Aschwanden, William T Colgan, Ian R Joughin and Mathieu Morlighem
C53E Glacier-Ocean Interactions, Mechanisms, and Synthesis II
  • C53E-02: Simulating the Evolution of Thwaites Glacier with a Coupled Ice-Ocean Model, Helene Seroussi, Yoshihiro Nakayama, Dimitris Menemenlis, Eric Y Larour, Mathieu Morlighem, Eric J Rignot and Ala Khazendar
  • C53E-08: On the impact of ice-ocean interaction on Greenland glaciers versus calving speed, Eric J Rignot, Dimitris Menemenlis, Mathieu Morlighem, Michael Wood, Romain Millan, Jeremie Mouginot and Lu An
IN53C Innovative Tools and Services to Enable Data Use across Broad User Communities II Posters
  • IN53C-1895: VESL: The Virtual Earth Sheet Laboratory for Ice Sheet Modeling and Visualization, Daniel Lop-Chi Cheng, Eric Y Larour, Justin D Quinn and Daria J Halkides