ISSM at AGU Fall meeting 2017

Ice Sheet System Model Townhall meeting

  • Tuesday, 12 December 2017: 12:30 - 13:30, New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center - 225-227

List of ISSM presentations

Monday December 11th 2017

C11B Ice Sheet and Glacier Change: Integrating Instrumental, Geological, and Modelling Methods to Understand Ice Sheet and Glacier Evolution I Posters
  • C11B-0911: Simulating ice thickness and velocity evolution of Upernavik Isstrøm 1849–2017 with ISSM, Konstanze Haubner, Jason Box, Nicole Schlegel, Eric Y Larour, Mathieu Morlighem, Anne Solgaard, Kristian K Kjeldsen, Signe Hillerup Larsen, Eric J Rignot, Todd K Dupont and Kurt Henrik Kjaer
C12A Birth, Life, and Death of Icebergs I
  • C12A-01: What happened to Larsen C?, Eric J Rignot, Eric Y Larour, Bernd Scheuchl, Ala Khazendar, Jonathan L Bamber and Jeremie Mouginot
C12B Polar Climate: Processes and Predictability II
  • C12B-04: Uncertainty Quantification for Ice Sheet Science and Sea Level Projections, Carmen Boening, Nicole Schlegel, Daniel Limonadi, Michael Schodlok, Helene L Seroussi, Eric Y Larour and Michael M Watkins
C13G Advances in Land Ice-Ocean Interactions: Mechanisms, Impacts, and Synthesis I
  • C13G-08: Modeling the response of Northwest Greenland to enhanced ocean thermal forcing and subglacial discharge, Mathieu Morlighem, Michael Wood, Helene L Seroussi, Johannes Heinrich Bondzio and Eric J Rignot
C14A Advances in Land Ice-Ocean Interactions: Mechanisms, Impacts, and Synthesis II
  • C14A-02: Bathymetry and retreat of Southeast Greenland glaciers from Operation IceBridge and Ocean Melting Greenland data, Romain Millan, Eric J Rignot, Mathieu Morlighem, Anders A Bjork, Jeremie Mouginot and Michael Wood
  • C14A-05: Greenland’s 20th Century retreat illuminated - great spatial variability with strong connections to subglacial topography and fjord bathymetry, Anders A Bjork, Kristian K Kjeldsen, Mikis van Boeckel, Niels Jakup Korsgaard, Ian G Fenty, Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Jeremie Mouginot, Mathieu Morlighem, Eric J Rignot, Julian A. Dowdeswell and Kurt Henrik Kjaer
  • C14A-06: Increased ocean-induced melting triggers glacier retreat in northwest and southeast Greenland, Michael Wood, Eric J Rignot, Ian G Fenty, Dimitris Menemenlis, Romain Millan, Mathieu Morlighem and Jeremie Mouginot
G11D Coastal Sea Level Rise and Isostatic Adjustment I
  • G11D-04: Modeling GIA at the Gulf of Mexico and environs: a Bayesian approach, Lambert Caron, Erik Roman Ivins, Eric Y Larour and Surendra Adhikari

Tuesday December 12th 2017

C23A Advances in Land Ice-Ocean Interactions: Mechanisms, Impacts, and Synthesis III Posters
  • C23A-1201: Bathymetry of Torssukatak fjord and one century of glacier stability, Lu An, Eric J Rignot and Mathieu Morlighem
  • C23A-1203: Reconstruction of Jakobshavn Isbrae’s calving dynamics from 1985 to 2017 and sensitivity to future ocean forcing, Johannes Heinrich Bondzio, Mathieu Morlighem and Helene L Seroussi
C23D Ice Sheet and Glacier Change: Integrating Instrumental, Geological, and Modeling Methods to Understand Ice Sheet and Glacier Evolution II
  • C23D-06: Modeling the sensitivity of the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) over the last deglaciation using improved climate reconstructions of temperature and precipitation in the Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM), Josh K Cuzzone, Eric Y Larour, Mathieu Morlighem, Nicole Schlegel, Jessica Badgeley, Eric J. Steig and Christo Buizert
ED23D Virtual Community Platforms and Data Tools for Enabling Geoscience Research and Education I Posters
  • ED23D-0331: Virtual Earth System Laboratory (VESL): A Virtual Research Environment for The Visualization of Earth System Data and Process Simulations, Justin D Quinn, Eric Y Larour, Daniel Lop-Chi Cheng and Daria J Halkides
G21A Coastal Sea Level Rise and Isostatic Adjustment II Posters
  • G21A-0858: Global ice sheet/RSL simulations using the higher-order Ice Sheet System Model, Eric Y Larour, Erik Roman Ivins, Surendra Adhikari, Nicole Schlegel, Helene L Seroussi and Mathieu Morlighem
GC24D Interpretation and Uncertainty in Climate, Earth System, Integrated Assessment, and Impact Models and Observations I
  • GC24D-05: Uncertainties in the Antarctic Ice Sheet Contribution to Sea Level Rise: Exploration of Model Response to Errors in Climate Forcing, Boundary Conditions, and Internal Parameters, Nicole Schlegel, Helene L Seroussi, Carmen Boening, Eric Y Larour, Daniel Limonadi, Michael Schodlok and Michael M Watkins
IN24A Browser-Based Mapping, Space-Time Visualization, and Analysis of Big Earth Science Data II
  • IN24A-06: VESL: The Virtual Earth Sheet Laboratory for Ice Sheet Modeling and Visualization, Daniel Lop-Chi Cheng, Eric Y Larour, Justin D Quinn and Daria J Halkides

Wednesday December 13th 2017

C32A Advances in Understanding Processes at the Beds of Glaciers and Ice Sheets II
  • C32A-07: Constraining Greenland basal water extent and drainage morphology from radar reflectivity and specularity analysis, Winnie Chu, Dustin M Schroeder, Helene L Seroussi, Timothy T Creyts, Robin Elizabeth Bell and John Drysdale Paden
G31E Geodetic Measurements of the Earth's Elastic Response to Surface Mass Variability I
  • G31E-03: Solitary Waves of Ice Loss Detected in Greenland Crustal Motion, Surendra Adhikari, Erik Roman Ivins and Eric Y Larour
  • G31E-05: Lateral Viscosity Variations in the Both Local and Global and Viscoelastic Load Response and it’s Uncertainty, Erik Roman Ivins, Lambert Caron, Surendra Adhikari, Eric Y Larour, Helene L Seroussi, Douglas Wiens, Andrew Jason Lloyd, Reinhard O R Dietrich and Andreas Richter
IN33E Spatial Data Infrastructure for Earth and Space Sciences: Analyzing, Visualizing, and Sharing Spatiotemporal Earth Science Data Small and Big II
  • IN33E-05: NASA Sea Level Change Portal – It not just another portal site, Thomas Huang, Nga Quach, Stewart Parker Abercrombie, Carmen Boening, Hugh Patrick Brennan, Kevin Michael Gill, Frank R Greguska, Randal Jackson, Eric Y Larour, Holly Shaftel, Laura F Tenenbaum, Victor Zlotnicki, Bergen Moore, Justin Moore and Andrea Boeck

Thursday December 14th 2017

C41C Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets I Posters
  • C41C-1229: Simulating Ice Dynamics in the Amundsen Sea Sector, Emily Schwans, Byron R Parizek, Mathieu Morlighem, Richard B Alley, David Pollard, Ryan T Walker6, Paul Lin, Pierre St-Laurent, Tori LaBirt and Helene L Seroussi
  • C41C-1231: initMIP-Antarctica: An ice sheet model initialization experiment of ISMIP6, Helene L Seroussi, Sophie Nowicki, Erika Simon, Ayako Abe-Ouchi, Torsten Albrecht, Stephen L. Cornford, Fabien Gillet-Chaulet, Rupert Michael Gladstone, Heiko Goelzer, Nick Golledge, Jonathan M Gregory, Ralf Greve, Philippe Huybrechts, Thomas Kleiner, Eric Y Larour, William H Lipscomb, Daniel P Lowry, Matthias Mengel, Mathieu Morlighem, Frank Pattyn, Antony John Payne, David Pollard, Thomas Reerink, Christian B Rodehacke, Nicole Schlegel, Andrew Shepherd, Sainan Sun, Johannes Sutter, Jonas Van Breedam, Roderik Vandewal, Shuting Yang and Ricarda Winkelmann
  • C41C-1233: 3D modeling of continuous retreat of Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica, under enhanced basal melting, Hongju Yu, Eric J Rignot, Helene L Seroussi and Mathieu Morlighem
  • C41C-1237: Sensitivity of Totten Glacier Ice Shelf extent and grounding line to oceanic forcing, Tyler Pelle, Mathieu Morlighem and Youngmin Choi,
  • C41C-1252: Understanding calving dynamics of Greenland outlet glaciers by comparing calving laws in a 3D ice sheet model, Youngmin Choi, Mathieu Morlighem, Michael Wood, Johannes Heinrich Bondzio and Jeremie Mouginot
C43A Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets II
  • C43A-01: Simulating the evolution of the Amundsen Sea Sector with a coupled ice-ocean model, Helene L Seroussi, Yoshihiro Nakayama, Dimitris Menemenlis, Eric Y Larour, Mathieu Morlighem and Eric J Rignot
C44A Modeling of the Cryosphere: Glaciers and Ice Sheets III
  • C44A-01: Effect of specific pathways to 1.5°C global warming on the contribution of Greenland to sea level rise, Martin Rückamp, Ulrike Falk, Katja Frieler and Angelika Humbert